When you think of Adelaide, you cannot help but think of the loveliness of the southern coast of Australia. Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city that is home to beautiful galleries and art museums. It is also a place where you can unwind and play golf.

A Laid-Back City for Golfing Enthusiasts

After all, this is a city that is renowned for its laid-back and recreational lifestyle. Therefore, it stands to reason that you will find plenty of golf courses in Adelaide. Playing golf in Adelaide lures visitors to the city along with the city’s cultural scene, the Rundle Mall, and the ocean shore.

If you would like to play golf in Adelaide whilst admiring the city, you can do so. Sunday lunchers like visiting golf clubs and savouring the fine cuisine. Another golfing package to note is one involving vacationing at a golf resort and drinking some of Australia’s best red wines.

A Place of Fine Vineyards and Wines

Australia is renowned for its fine vineyards. Therefore, the two activities make sense for anyone who likes to play golf and conclude the day with a nice bottle of wine. You can choose from golfing packages at the best resorts and stay from three to six nights. That way, you can sample the best links that Australia offers as well.

For example, you may want to take a 72-hole challenge. During this golfing vacation in Adelaide, you will stay five nights in the central part of the city. This package features a single round of golf at four different prestigious golf clubs. Because red wine is touted in the package, each golfer can enjoy a special selection of wine and a tasting plate. This is your reward after you have finished a round. It is no wonder that this golfing holiday is popular among Australians as well as the international golfing crowd.

Take a Private Tour of Three Wineries

You may also want to plan a six-night golfing package. The extra day allows golfers to take a private tour in the Barossa Valley. Golfers receive VIP access to three different wineries, which gives guests the chance to see how favourite wines are made. This is one exciting golf holiday for golfers who appreciate fine red wines.

Some of the golfing holidays are customised to the wine-drinking tastes of lady golfers. If you are a woman who loves golf and wine, this golfing getaway was made for you. Get together with your other lady friends and enjoy a golfing excursion unlike any you have ever had.

Whether you plan a golfing holiday for you and a partner or a gathering of friends, you don’t want to leave out the chance to sample fine wine and food. Check out the holiday packages today and start planning your next golf getaway.